I would sell my soul in exchange for the fitness of injured players. 

protect wes gibbons at all costs  




remember when neymar dressed like he was the hottest french fashion designer of 2010


awkward moment between Ronaldo & Messi on who should answer the question first. (x)

so i watched the fault in our stars and it’s just the perfect example of how a weird guy gets cute when u start to like him bc he says cute stuff

The standout in the class, the ones you should all make it your mission to destroy.

Because Wir! Sind! Welmeister!

Because Wir! Sind! Welmeister!

"With the arrival of Suarez, our attack is even stronger and hopefully we’ll achieve our goals this season."

no fuck u fuck u and fuck messi and fuck perfsteiger she brainwashed u fuck u disgrace madridista



Anna-Lee: “you managed to score 5 goals in a single match in the ucl, what does it feel like to score so many goals in one match?”

Messi: “… I don’t know.”


Adidas Gamedayplus with Leo Messi, André Schürrle and Yohji Yamamoto

Griezmann about life in Madrid: “I visited a house with Raph [Varane] and his girlfriend. They try to help me and I thank them for that.”

Exactly, so choose the one who excites you mentally or the ones who excite you physically. Who shall it be?

well for NOW physically but long-term mentally of course

i need the perfect combination :(

Neele • 21 • Cologne


Weltmeister 2014