friendly reminder that the real enemy of sports fans will always be time zone difference

Methinks Silva is much cuter than that current Barca striker.

me too, silva is the cutest and very special

when did messi become THIS :O (okay you won me I'd never lol at you because I understand!)

some ppl say when he cut his hair

some ppl say when he threw away the baggy clothes

or bc he’s ~the best player in the world~ for some

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Chicharito looks like the kind of American high schooler who would stand outside a gas station and ask someone super shady to buy him beer

lmao a cute high schooler tho!

"I’m very happy & pleased and the most important thing is we were able to come back after the game against Atletico last week. I think we’re off to a good start."

- Chicharito, after the match against FC Basel | 16-09-14

Sean Paul
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I wanna be da papa u can be da mom


ichliebefutbol hat gesagt: LOL AGAIN AT THAT PHOTO. oh neele.

i don’t lol at u when u say that you find villa’s hairless arms i quote: “oddly enticing" :(

why ichliebefutbol lol'd at you?? why everybody lol at you when you mention messi I'm so confused?


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oh sofrry I thought you find him attractive I was joking. I'm okay with him, his existence doesn't bother me (I'd actually like him if he played for another team lol) it seems like we are either drawing or losing nowadays :( I need a great win asap or I will cry lol but omg I was expecting to lose against bayern and chelsea good results!

me?? finding messi attractive ?? ha ha ha ha. yeah i wish so too (sh look)

right!! i expected it too so idk we’re out of the pokal yeah but the season doesn’t really feel as bad as it looks on paper, we have so many injured players and still manage to get good results against big teams and it can’t get worse than it is now anyway lol


Schalke vs Bayern (30/08)

'Barfa', yes but I doubt you see messi as an enemy hahaha (Or let me say you don't hate him as much as you hate others lol) I was in France so I couldn't watch games, my cousin said Schalke did really good in champions but now I saw league table, I'm depressed

well not generally an enemy u know like he can score 15 goals against sporting gijon and idc but when he plays against madrid or for argentina against germany (so intense games sigh) i always freak out and want to hit something when he has the ball yet alone when he scores, i guess i hate barfa but i hate messi

yeaaah the 1-1 against chelsea was more than anyone expected, i expected a high loss but they were fighting again and jule did sooo good, he almost scored a beautiful goal sigh. the league table is really depressing but the positive thing is that they don’t give up, against bayern they came back and scored the 1-1 and on saturday the same against frankfurt when they came back after a 0-2, making it 2-2

the season is still very long and injured players will come back and everything will be better (i pray)

ichliebefutbol hat gesagt: LOOOL “especially messi”

things that interest me about barcelona: messi, beach, architecture

for a real madrid fan you talk about barcelona and especailyl messi too much. how's schalke doin' by the way

~~~know ur enemy haha

schalke is 70% injured and dying in the league but slaying (…) in the champions league


With a goal and an assist in a terrific three minute spell.


With a goal and an assist in a terrific three minute spell.

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